⚒️ Work in Progress

This page is currently work in progress, I have yet to add media screenshots of work I have done on the game.
Check back soon!


  • Creating tools for optimization and performance analysis both in Unreal (Slate & C++), Python, and Mysql (Grafana)
  • Creating tools to assist artists with optimization pipelines, Quality-Of-Life engine features, LOD Generation Tools etc (Python, Slate & C++).
  • Resident Shader Witch 🧹 working for Visual Effects, Cinematics and gameplay elements. Everything from Holograms to Ghosts and Vertex Shader spookiness.
  • UI Shader work supporting Chormatic Abberation, Glitching, Parabolic Distortion (Visor style), Blurring and local animations.
  • Pseudo Forward Renderer in shaders for the 3D Map, and automated pipeline to generate LODs from existing levels for map view.
  • Rite of Senses visuals - Pulsing vertex shader world distortion and highlighting of game objects through stenciling.
  • General optimization & bug fixing to meet the target 60fps requirement on multiple platforms.