I began working with Quixel very early in my career, Teddy allowed me early testing of nDO and dDO back in the day when I was an Environment Artist. As Quixel grew over the years I joined them to assist and as my skillsets grew in Technical Art - I began to contibute to other projects and help Quixel meet the demands of their ever-growing community.

Quixel is an amazing and dedicated team, and without their patience and tuition I would not be where I am today.

After I left, Quixel joined Epic Games in 2019, and I am super proud of everyone I worked with there.
Ya’ll rock ❤️


  • Quixel Colors an ID Generation tool built in Python for 3Ds Max, Maya and Blender. ID maps were used by Quixel SUITE for targeting parts of a mesh with different materials.
  • Community Staff - Assisting on Polycount, Facebook and other areas on assisting the community with issues or questions they had about Quixel Megascans or Quixel SUITE
  • Quixel.se - I worked on and developed the website for Quixel SUITE 2. I also developed the backend which allowed for a full tutorial section.
  • UE4 Megascans Pipeline - I built tools in Python to handle converted Megascans data to be auto-imported, named and setup in defined materials (Pre-Quixel UE4 plugin era)
  • Homebound - I worked with Wiktor Öhman on optimizing Homebound, Quixel’s VR Experience (2017) to run comfortably on Vive headsets. I also worked on some visual effects.
  • I made some tutorials on using Quixel SUITE and Unreal Engine to create master materials setup in the workflow similar to Unreal Tournament 4’s setup. and was featured on UnrealTournament.comimage.png
  • Attending game jams in Ireland to show Quixel SUITE and give workshops on using it.


Quixel Colors