Selene is a lighting rendering pass built with the purpose of adding Vertex Lighting functionality back to Unreal Engine.

I met The Lunar Effect team member Louie Woodhouse in April of 2020, in the Haunted PS1 community and began working with them on creating Selene and other Shaders, and technical approaches to rendering Playstation 1 Style graphics in Unreal.

There is currently no plan to release Selene, as currently there is a lot of bugs and workarounds to fix.
However you can contact me via email about integrating it into your project.

The Lunar Effect is currently heavily in development by Negative Entities, follow their twitter for more!

Negative Entities On Twitter


  • Selene supports full Vertex Lighting with an infinite number of lights and does not rely on Custom Primitive Data, Material Parameter Collections or other methods of achieving vertex lighting.
  • Support for Point Lights, Spot lights and Skylights.
  • Lights are performant and ran in screen space as a post process pass on the world.


Early Selene Demo